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Chris Erskine Artist _ Hamilton, Ont.

Chris Erskine Artist – Hamilton, Ont.

The family commitments are almost finished.  I hope to return to my weekly video art posts next week.  In the meantime, here is an excellent video on how artist should use social media to build their collector based, with or without having gallery support.

The video is about 1 hour in length, but it is well worth your time viewing it.  It sums up many of my views about how artists should approach marketing.

See you next week.

Chris Erskine


Hermitage – Part 6

Artist Chris Erskine - Hamilton, Ont.

Artist Chris Erskine – Hamilton, Ont.

Hope everyone is having a fun long weekend. Here is another installment of a walk around the Hermitage Ruins, located in Hamilton, Ontario.


Chris Erskine


Irish Cork-town – the green hills of Hamilton

Art Post

Chris Erskine Artist

Chris Erskine Artist

I continue to be busy with family commitments.  Things should clear up by the end of the month.  Here is another raw clip from my work-in-progress film project.

Chris Erskine


Hermitage – part 5

Odds and Ends

Chris Erskine Artist - 11 My 2015

Chris Erskine Artist – 11 My 2015


Hope everyone is well.  Family still keeping me busy.  Here is part 5 of my unfinished film on saving the hermitage.  I still find it an amazing journey of discovery and what makes the Hermitage such an amazing place to visit and explore.

Chris Erskine


Hamilton’s Irish Cork-Town and Sunday Mass in the 19th Century.

Art Post

Chris Erskine Artist - May 4th 2015

Chris Erskine Artist – May 4th 2015

Busy with family commitments for the next few weeks.  Missed the Open Doors event over the weekend which was a shame given the great weather.  Below is another draft clip of my personal exploration of Irish Cork-town in Hamilton, Ontario.  This is a non-commercial, for general interest, film project. Hope you find it interesting.





Chris Erskine


Odds and Ends – Hermitage – Part 4

Chris Erskine Artist - May 2, 2015

Chris Erskine Artist – May 3, 2015

Busy with family events, so I am unable to do my regular Odds and Ends postings.  Instead, I am quickly posting some raw clips from an unfinished film project on the saving of the Hermitage Ruins.  These clips were filmed last summer and were suppose to be short film on the efforts to save this great piece of local history.  What I particularly liked about the day and the film is the sense of discovery that one experiences as people explore the Hermitage Ruins that is located in Ancaster, Ontario.  I hope this kind of experience is not lost in the future.

So, here is part 4 of saving the Hermitage Ruins.

Chris Erskine Artist


Art Post – Hamilton’s Irish

Art Post is a weekly review of my art activities.  For the next several weeks, I am busy with family commitments.  In the meantime, I am posting clips from draft work on the history of Hamilton’s Cork-town from the perspective of one person.  This is a non-commercial/creative research project.

Chris Erskine Artist

Chris Erskine Artist

Hope you find it interesting.  It is very sketchy outline of some of the points I wish to make in the finished film.


Chris Erskine


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