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Painting Hamilton Artists’ Panel
Date: Thursday, November 13 Time: 7:00 p.m.

Speakers: Featured artists in the Painting Hamilton exhibition: Jennifer Carvalho, Catherine Gibbon, David Hucal, Daniel Hutchinson, Charles Meanwell, Matthew Schofield, Christina Sealey, Beth Stuart, Lorne Toews and Manny Trinh

Hamilton has a very rich artists’ scene, and a great number of brilliant painters. Painting Hamilton features 10 artists from the Greater Hamilton area, showcasing the diverse subject matter, techniques and materials that are of the moment in contemporary painting practices. Direct from the artists’ studios and private collections, the exhibition includes over 30 works in landscape, portraiture and abstraction. Join the artists in a lively moderated discussion about their practices and the paintings in the exhibition.

#Art Post No.2

Reflections on Painting Hamilton show at the Art Gallery of Hamilton (AGH).  On Sunday, I went to see and support artist Christina Sealey, but I was also impressed by Charles Meanwell and Matthew Schofield.  Meanwell’s large paintings on tar-paper are very striking.  I like how he handles the paint and his use of colour.  The show runs until Feb 2015 and is worth the visit.

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Art Post No.1

This is my first art post.  A short and quick update of my interests and activities.  Sorry about the interruption in my weekly updates.  The past few weeks have been fairly busy with craft shows and Halloween.  I hope to return to my regular Wed updates in mid-November.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Hamilton Artist Update 39 – late

This week’s Update 39 will be posted this Friday.  Sorry for the delay but busy with preparing for craft shows.

Thank You for your patience and understanding.

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The Legend of Lover’s Lane (The Hermitage Ruins)

A short film by Chris Erskine about the legend of ghosts and hauntings at the Hermitage Ruins; located in Ancaster, Ontario.  A small community located on the edge of the City of Hamilton, Ontario.

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Hamilton Artist Update 38 – Hermitage and film-making projects

On location – the Hermitage Ruins, Ancaster (Ontario).

This week:

1. Efforts continue to save the Hermitage

2. Continue to work on documentaries including: Saving the Hermitage and The 1854 Cholera Outbreak

3. Continue to the Hamilton urban sound mapping Project


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Hamilton Artist Update 37 – Urban Sound Mapping

Location: MacNab Street Presbyterian Church

Map of MacNab Street, Hamilton (Ont)

Map of MacNab Street, Hamilton (Ont)

Update 37 – This week:

1. Ebola
2. New Art Project – Mapping the Sounds of Hamilton

Ebola – Latest estimates are that over 22,000 people in West Africa who have been inflected and 3,400 have died. The United States has just reported its first case of Ebola in Dallas, Texas. Unfortunately, the guy doesn’t appear to be in good shape.

CBC had this silly report on how people were over-reacting to the first American case. While I agree the danger from one person is almost zero, the outbreak in Africa is still un-controlled; and without more human resources, the situation will only get worse. If predictions are true, 900,000 cases by early 2015 then how can the outbreak not spread globally. Furthermore, the early symptoms are so similar to the flu that it would be nearly impossible to isolate everyone. The intense care required of patients would quickly over run the ability of hospitals to treat the sick.


The Ebola outbreak reminds me of the Cholera outbreaks in Hamilton during the 19th century. Currently I am researching and filming how the 1854 outbreak shaped the architectural landscape of Hamilton. I hope to have something posted in a few weeks.

Soundscapes – a few weeks ago, I came across a blogger who had posted several sound recordings to his site, along with photos of the location. I was really impressed by how it provided a new perspective on the urban landscape. I soon discovered that there is this small community of audio bloggers out there who are recording and mapping urban sounds.

I am completely captured by this notion and I have decided to start a new art project. As a first attempt, I recorded the sounds outside the 1854 MacNab Street Presbyterian Church. The Zoom H4n field recorder provides really clear recordings, particular when mounted on a tripod and with the use of a windscreen.


At this point, I am still working out a strategy for determining what sounds to record, so that it reveals something new about the city of Hamilton.

I am most inspired by three sound artists: Des Coulam (France), Vladimir Kryutchev (Russia) and Stuart Fowkes (UK).

Des Coulam, approach is to document the sounds of Paris. He will travel along a particular route or explore a particular location and supplement the experience with photos and history.

Des Coulam - Soundlandscapes' Blog

Des Coulam – Soundlandscapes’ Blog



Vladimir Kryutchev is focusing on the capturing the reality of the small town in Russia called Sergiyev Posad.

Oontz – Audioblog from Russia


Oontz - audioblog by Vladimir Kryutchev

Oontz – audioblog by Vladimir Kryutchev




Stuart Fowkes is exploring the difference between reality and imagination. He encourages people to document the sound of a particular location and then asks that they recreate the sound of that location with what they imagine it should be like. In the process, he moves beyond purely a documentary to the creative. I am also very impressed by the mixed sound tracks (some musically), using urban sounds. Fowkes approach reminds me of Gotye and use of re-mixed sounds for his album “Mirrors.”



Cities and Memory by Stuart Fowkes





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Chris Erskine - postings of art related activities


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