Comment Posted to Raise the Hammer Blog

In response to the Raise the Hammer blog post by Ryan McGreal I wrote the following:

When I was a kid, City Council had this great idea of cutting down the grand old trees in Gore Park and paving over the grass. They wanted to let in the sun and remove the mud. They had good intentions but what they created was a cold concrete parking lot for pigeons. The people never forgot nor forgave that Council. I think alot of them lost their seats in the following election. It appears to me that history is about to repeat itself. I hope the readers of this blog and the related articles are spreading the word on their Facebook, Twitter, Blog and websites. Furthermore, I hope they are emailing City Council and demanding that they say no to demolition.

Say No to Demolition and Email Council

On January 9, demolition permits will be issue by the City of Hamilton unless Council calls an emergency meeting to protect the four pre-confederation buildings that overlook Gore Park.  Please check the articles listed in the earlier post for more background information.  Here are the names and email addresses of Hamilton City Council.

Hamilton City Council

Bob Bratina, Mayor

Brian McHattie, Ward 1 Councillor

Jason Farr, Ward 2 Councillor

Bernie Morelli, Ward 3 Councillor

Sam Merulla, Ward 4 Councillor

Chad Collins, Ward 5 Councillor

Tom Jackson, Ward 6 Councillor

Scott Duvall, Ward 7 Councillor

Terry Whitehead, Ward 8 Councillor

Brad Clark, Ward 9 Councillor

Maria Pearson, Ward 10 Councillor

Brenda Johnson, Ward 11 Councillor

Lloyd Ferguson, Ward 12 Councillor

Russ Powers, Ward 13 Councillor

Robert Pasuta, Ward 14 Councillor

Judi Partridge, Ward 15 Councillor

Over 150 Years of Hamilton History May Be Lost

Lacking heritage designation protection, four pre-confederation buildings that overlook Gore Park, may be lost if the City of Hamilton issues demolition permits this Wednesday, January 9, 2013.  Only an emergency meeting of City Council can prevent it.  Please email Hamilton City Council and demand that this action be stopped.  For more background information, I have provided links to articles on the subject.

“To treasure or tear down Hamilton’s Victorian Storefronts? The debate rages” by Adrian Morrow; The Globe and Mail, 5 Jan 2013

Comments on the Globe and Mail Article

“Surprise Demolition Permit for Gore Park Buildings” by Ryan McGreal; Raise the Hammer, Dec 20, 2012

“18-28 King Street West in the Globe and Mail” by Ryan McGreal; Raise the Hammer, 5 Jan 2012

“A Call to Action to Save the Gore Park Streetwall” by Kieran C. Dickson; Raise the Hammer, 29 Dec 2012

“Reasons to Designate 18-28 King East as Heritage Buildings” by Ryan McGreal; Raise the Hammer, 28 Dec 2012

“Demolished Building is a Missing Tooth on the Gore” by Ryan  McGreal; Raise the Hammer, 27 May 2011

Please take a few minutes and write the members of City Council about this action.