Challenge of Blogging – Part 4 Your Audience

The Challenge of Blogging – Who is your audience? The power of social media is the ability to create that special relationship with people who love and support your art. This relationship is what separates you from the hundreds of other artists. This is not a competitive thing, it’s about your art being able speakContinue reading “Challenge of Blogging – Part 4 Your Audience”

Fire and Wood Don’t Mix – Early Hamilton Wooden Churches

In years before Hamilton became a city, fire was a constant danger and resulted in the loss of many early buildings. This lead to bylaws being pass around 1846 that encouraged stone or brick construction.

Rare Today, Common Then – Hamilton Wooden Churches

Prior to the late 1840s and early 1850s, almost all buildings were constructed of wood. Allan MacNab’s Dundurn Castle (1833-35) and maybe James Durand’s Belle Vue (1805) were the rare examples of stone or brick buildings in the Hamilton.

Hamilton cemeteries in the age of wooden churches

When we look at today’s historic churches, we are often looking at a later building that is much larger than the original church. Not only are these buildings later, but they are made out of different building materials.

The Age of Wooden Churches

The Age of Wooden Churches By the 1820s and early 1830s, the several communities of faith became large enough to support the building of church and graveyard. These early churches were small and made of wood. They were typically surrounded by a small plot of land. For example, the first church in the future townContinue reading “The Age of Wooden Churches”

Challenge of Blogging – Part 3

Challenge of Blogging – Part Three The biggest challenge to blogging is feeding the beast. Just remember, we are not just talking about a few postings, but hundreds of postings over many years. If you post only once a week then you will need content for 52 postings. In the crowded world of blogs, expectContinue reading “Challenge of Blogging – Part 3”

The Private Cemetery of the George Hamilton?

Another example of a possible family cemetery is that of Dr. William Case 1776-1848). Dr. Case was Hamilton’s first Doctor and practiced medicine from 1809 to his death on March 29, 1848. The death of Dr. Case posed a bit of problem for his family and friends because he never attended Church and as aContinue reading “The Private Cemetery of the George Hamilton?”

A lost Grave

On Thursday, I wrote that a grave is a statement about place and family. Another example is the lost grave of Elijah Forsyth. In 1801, James Forsyth purchased 400 acres from Robert Hamilton for his son named, Caleb. Twelve years later, Caleb divided up his land between his sons: Calib Jr and Elijah. Elijah gotContinue reading “A lost Grave”

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This is the official web site of the Save Century Manor Task Force 2 (CMTF2). This task force was created not only to draw attention to the existence of Century Manor, an important Hamilton heritage building in danger of demolition by neglect, but also to provide information on Century Manor and to gain support within and outside our community for our ongoing fight to save and preserve this heritage building through restoration and adaptive reuse.

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