Witness to History – Hamilton’s Cork-Town

Witness to History Sarah Ann Santry was born in August 1862 and eventually moved to location 10 Aurora Street, now Ford Street, and one block east of Liberty. As a young girl, she remembered the day that first train traveled to Port Dover. The locomotive was called the Lucy Turner, however, I have never beenContinue reading “Witness to History – Hamilton’s Cork-Town”

Former Hamilton to Port Dover Railway Line – Hamilton’s Cork-Town

Hamilton to Port Dover Railway Line This road is the former route of the Hamilton to Port Dover Railway Line. Plans for the railway were developed in 1835, but construction never began because of an economic recession that occurred in the late 1830s. Allan MacNab revived the project in 1853 and construction began in 1855.Continue reading “Former Hamilton to Port Dover Railway Line – Hamilton’s Cork-Town”

New Homes and Raising Rents – Hamilton’s Cork-Town

54 Liberty Street Around 1885, the four old wood frame homes at the south end of Liberty Street were torn down. The whole west side of Liberty Street got new brick housing. On the previously undeveloped land to the north, 2 story, semi-detached, brick homes were built. At the south end, by the former HamiltonContinue reading “New Homes and Raising Rents – Hamilton’s Cork-Town”

The Rastrick House – Hamilton’s Cork-Town

The Rastrick House The architect, who designed the Castle, built his own home on Forest Avenue in the 1840s. Irish workers would have been used in its construction. Like all the great houses, the daughters of Irish families would be employed as maids. These young girls incomes would have helped support their families who livedContinue reading “The Rastrick House – Hamilton’s Cork-Town”

The Remains of the Castle – Hamilton’s Cork-Town

The Remains of the Castle In the early days of Hamilton’s economic development, business owners usually lived where they worked. However, as a few of them became very successful, and could afford to build a home separate from work. Starting in the late 1840s and early 1850s, large estates were built just under the mountain.Continue reading “The Remains of the Castle – Hamilton’s Cork-Town”

The Town Market, between Hunter and Augusta – Hamilton’s Cork-Town

The Town Market, between Hunter and Augusta As a condition for the granting of town status, George Hamilton had to provide for a jail, a court house and a town market. Being practical and self-interested, he donated lands for the court house and the town market neatly in the middle of his Cork-town land holdings.Continue reading “The Town Market, between Hunter and Augusta – Hamilton’s Cork-Town”

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This is the official web site of the Save Century Manor Task Force 2 (CMTF2). This task force was created not only to draw attention to the existence of Century Manor, an important Hamilton heritage building in danger of demolition by neglect, but also to provide information on Century Manor and to gain support within and outside our community for our ongoing fight to save and preserve this heritage building through restoration and adaptive reuse.

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