Suzy Lake Show at the Campus Gallery

Suzy Lake Show, May 5th to Aug 20th
Artist Chris Erskine at the Suzy Lake Show, May 5th to Aug 20th

Suzy Lake Show at the Campus Gallery

Last week, I made a second visit to the Suzy Lake Show at the campus art gallery.

Landscapes are not neutral places.

Why do we care about one place and not another?  Often our connection is rooted in personal experience and memory of particular place.

Sometimes is even more remote, with our views of landscapes shaped by family stories and legends of relatives long gone.

This is the ground that Suzy Lake performance art covers.

I have tried several times to explore this area of landscape and memory, but have been unable to make it work.

Reviewing the show for a second time, I find it interesting how she incorporates herself into the photos.

Suzy Lake’s solo show is on until August 20th, 2016 at the McMaster Museum of Art.

You can find more information on the artist at: Artist Suzy Lake