Like most artists, I loved drawing as a kid. In Grade 2, my big claim to fame was the ability to create realistic treasure maps; with coconuts trees, pirate ships and x marking the spot. Maybe this why landscapes hold a strong fascination for me, because they are filled stories and adventures.

My art practice has gone through many phases, but always centered around people and the lands they shape.  This website (Fat Cats) is dedicated to all things representational. It is the foundation for my work in abstraction which moves beyond the representational and explores our sense of landscapes.

If you like to see my abstract art, please visit chriserskine.ca

Fat Cats is also dedicated to my mural art which I hoping to develop much more in the near future.  I am open to working with other mural artists, so if you need help send me an email.  If you have a wall, whether outdoors or indoors, please email me and let see what we can create together.  I am available for portraits, landscapes and murals if they occur within the Hamilton to Toronto corridor.

The best way to reach me if by email: chriserskineartist@gmail.com

Best wishes, Chris

Nov 1st, 2018

1 Comment

  1. Mr Erskine, thanks for your art and commitment to drawing by hand as well as embracing other forms of art. I look forward to following your work. Keep well and inspired.

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