Artwalk 2022 Photos

Sept 4th, 2022 – Artwalk 2022 was a great success. The general feeling of the Elizabeth Garden’s Art Collective was … More

Art Walk 2022 Success

28th August 2022 – Art Walk 2022 had perfect weather for outdoor art viewing: 25 degrees and clear skies, and … More

Art Walk Coming Aug 27th

I have been invited to participate in the second annual Art Walk by the Elizabeth Gardens Creative Collective. Following a … More

Working Outdoors

I use sketches or photographs as source material in my art practice. I rarely develop drawings into finished pieces of … More

Why Commission A Portrait?

Why Commission A Portrait? An artist will capture their interpretation of you and create something that is unique, whether it’s … More

Made the Short List

Aug 1st, 2019 – Made the short list for Hamilton’s first ever Utility Box art project! According to the City’s … More