EMD Lock out – CAW Local 27 is locked out

First Nanticoke, then US Steel and now EMD and Rio Tinto Alcan (Que).  In each case, big international companies are using their global scale of operations against local bargaining units.  Somehow we need to match their tactics.  A bunch of kids did it with the occupy movement; maybe labour could do the same?

Electro-Motive Diesel has locked out more than 400 CAW members in London.  The company makes diesel-electric locomotives and engines.  EMD is part of Caterpiller’s Progress Services division which according to the Monday edition of the Globe and Mail competes with General Electric Co., and Bombardier Inc.

CAW Local 27, Unit 2 set up picket lines on Jan 1st at 6 pm.  The facility is located at 2021 Street Oxford Street East, London, Ontario. Unit 2 is the oldest active unit of Local 27.

CAW has called for the federal government to disclose any commitments made during the 2010 purchase of EMD by Caterpillar under the Investment Canada Act.


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