EMD Lockout – Labour Council

Caterpillar has a fight on their hands; that was the message from Bob Scott, the plant chairperson for CAW Local 27, gave to the delegates of Hamilton and District Labour Council last night.

Bob was joined by Nancy Hutchison, the Secretary-Treasurer and Irwin Nanda, Executive Vice-President, both of the OFL.  Nancy, a former Health and Safety person for the steelworkers, told the delegates how comfortable she was being back in the steelworkers hall.  Nancy talked about how important this lockout was to the labour movement.  Irwin stressed how seriously the OFL was taking Caterpillar’s actions against the CAW workers. Mary, our Labour Council President, told the delegates that Council would have at least three buses going to the London Day of Action on January 21, 2012 with more buses if required.

Several delegates spoke about how this lock out was only the latest example of ruthless corporate greed.  Delegates from 1005 and Nanticoke talked about their experiences with US Steel and the lessons they had learned.

It was great to see members of the CAW 27 leadership making the effort to visit the different Labour Councils around the province and explain what is really happening to them.  No Blog, Facebook post or video can truly give you the same kind of appreciation.

Well done Bob!


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