EMD Lockout – Bad Faith Bargaining

Why isn’t the Ontario Labour Minister, Linda Jeffrey, acting on the bad faith bargaining issue?

An article in the Montreal Gazette quoted Mike Moffatt, an economist with the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University, as saying that it is almost unheard of for a profitable company like Caterpillar to demand workers to accept such severe pay concessions… You have to think Caterpillar is not bargaining in good faith here…there is no way the workers can accept this.

Does the Ontario government really want to promote lockouts at profitable companies as standard practice?  Is this good for the Ontario economy and the citizens of Ontario?  I know good faith complaints are hard to advance with the OLRB but it would certainly give the Minister grounds to talk to the company and say what the hell is going on here. Caterpillar is hurting our economy with this lockout and if they are successful their actions will cut our tax income and make our London community poorer?

Why is this acceptable?

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