EMD Lockout – Labour Council Supports City Boycott

Last night Hamilton Labour Council supported two motions to back Ward 4 Councillor Sam Merulla’s efforts to boycott Caterpillar products and services.

The two motions that I proposed in the political action and social services committee were accepted by delegates of Hamilton and District Labour Council state:

1.)    That the HDLC supports the city council proposal to boycott any purchase from Caterpillar.

2.)    That the HDLC encourage all delegates and their unions to attend City Council meeting on February 22, 2012(when the resolution will be considered).

I was very pleased by the support given by the Hamilton Labour movement.  As I told delegates, this is not a CAW problem, it is a labour problem.  We have to learn new ways to fight back against global corporations that can use their scales of operations to defeat workers at the local bargaining table.  The occupy movement points the way with their use of technology and their use of independent local activism that is taken to a national and international level.  Hopefully, the leadership of Sam Merulla will be followed by other city councillors across Ontario and Canada.

I hope you can join us on February 22,  5 pm when Hamilton City Council considers Sam’s motion.  Audience support will be key to encouraging city councillors to make the right decision.

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