Art of Kyle Reed

Art Review

Kyle Reed
Kyle Reed

The concept of home is an uneasy one and nowhere is that more clear than in the most recent works of Kyle Reed at the De Facto inside the Mulberry Street Coffee House.

While we tend to think of home as everlasting, as a physical place and a social grouping, home only lasts for the briefest of moments.

Our most vivid and powerful memories come from those few short years before we enter adulthood.

Each configuration after childhood is also short in duration: whether it is our first apartment or when we start raising a family, home is constantly changing.

Kyle Reed’s wonderful buildings perched on white outcroppings remind me of homes built on icebergs – solid structures built on temporary foundations.

Maybe home is more of a memory than most of us would like to admit.

Kyle Reed is on display at the Mulberry Street Coffee House until June 10th.

Mulberry Street Coffee House
Mulberry Street Coffee House

Kyle ReedKyle Reed

Mulberry Cafe
Mulberry Cafe

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