Monday’s Posting

Blogging at Tim's
Blogging at Tim’s

It is Sunday evening, and I am at Tim’s writing this posting.  Today, I rudely discovered that creating HD videos uses a lot of memory.  So much memory that my hard drive on my laptop is full.

Tomorrow, I will head off to the computer store and purchase a portable external drive.  Every 3-4 years, my computer crashes, so backing up work to an external storage device is likely a good move.

It’s been a very exciting and busy month.  One of my key supporters wanted some large building prints for her home. Another supporter has asked that I do a house portrait that will be hand printed onto greeting cards.

I am working on several video projects including a 2013 Memory Bank video project.

My goal for 2014 is to post a video, an article, or a comment every Monday.  I will do my best to make it interesting and worth your visit.

As always, I will continue to explore Hamilton’s rich history and architecture.  It is my firm belief that what surrounds us also influences us.

I got a lot of positive feedback about my studio tour video. After watching the video, one friend told me that I have serious pack-rat issues.  The organization and cleaning of my studio is a process and not an end – Maria!

Thank you to everyone else who commented.

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