The Art-Family Balance

Five shots of 5 seconds duration – the theme for this video is art-family balance.

Every day of every week I try and carve out an hour or so for art.  Everyone is supportive, but sometimes the art-family balance seems almost impossible to achieve.  My goal is to disappear into the studio before anyone notices that I am home.  Unfortunately, the little people have discovered my studio and feel it is filled with all sorts of craft supplies. And when they get bored with crafts, there is all this wonderful music on Dad’s computer.  Suddenly, my art studio becomes the dance studio.

There is an old rule of thumb that you need to produce art for 10 years before galleries will take you seriously.  This is partly explained by the need to escape your teacher’s influences and develop your own approach to art.  I think the real reason for the 10 year rule is that galleries and collectors want to see if you are serious; that you are able to overcome the challenges of holding a job and raising a family and still develop your art.

The above film reflects my current state of affairs (smile).

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