Monday’s Update

Monday’s Update

Sorry for the poor sound quality of this video. At the last minute, I decided that it might be interesting to get out of the studio and film my update in some other location. In most cases, this means your local Tim’s Horton. Without a Lavalier microphone, the background noise becomes a problem, and I must admit to being a bit shy about talking loudly in a public area. I hope to resolve this problem in the near future by either purchasing a Lavalier microphone or using my Zoom 4Hn field recorder. It is all an evolutionary process.

1.) HD film-making = huge files = no memory space on my laptop

I didn’t appreciate how quickly memory space on my laptop would disappear. My solution was to get a 500 GB portable external hard –drive. Now I am back into film-making. My goal is to document my art, and also examine Hamilton’s heritage. The challenge is to make it interesting and short. I have seen some great stuff like films by Matt Jelly The goal of this film was to try and save the Hamilton Board of Education building that was located downtown. We need more film-making on Hamilton, and its heritage. We live in a visual culture and web based films is the future.

In the meantime, I still face a steep learning curve. I am dealing with challenges like: maintaining focus on the object as the camera position changes; hot spots and adjusting the aperture; creating a consistent look in terms of tone etc.

2.) Cell phone videos

I have recently seen some amazing films made with cell phones. In particular, the works by the Film Artist on Vimeo: – Slo  – Glimpses from my iPhone to the sounds of Bollywood bites – A short Journey – ‘Budapest’

This has inspired me to try my hand at this film-making format. Especially in conditions that require movement and quick response to events. In the future, I hope to get a Go Pro Hero3 camera to capture more of these dynamic conditions.

3.) Blue House Sketch

I am almost finished the Blue House Sketch. This is part of a series of house portrait sketches from the Hamilton area. Hamilton has some beautiful homes that are full of character.

4.) Daily Photographs

Inspired by Chris Healey’s (@muskoxen) photos of Bartonville, I have started to take daily photographs of Hamilton buildings or landscapes and post them to twitter via #HamOnt. This project is my attempt to document the nearly 8,000 historical buildings in Hamilton. Each Friday, I will post one photo to my blog and provide some historical background to the subject.

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