#SavetheHermitage Motion Update

Councillor Ferguson’s motion on the Hermitage is contained in the General Issues Committee 14-019 (GIC) Report for Sept 17th.  Within the  GIC Report, it is item 32.  On the City Council Agenda it is Item 6.3.  Council starts at 5 pm, but it is hard to say when the vote on the motion will occur.

Again, I would like to stress the importance of having supporters in the audience.  There is nothing like living and breathing voters in the audience to provide support for Councillor Lloyd Ferguson’s efforts with Council.

Here is the motion from the GIC Report.

32. Hermitage Heritage Ruins, Ancaster (9.2)
WHEREAS The Hermitage is a heritage property designated under the Ontario
Heritage Act and the ruins are in a state of collapse;
AND WHEREAS the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) has requested a
Heritage permit for removal of portions of the ruins;
AND WHEREAS the HCA would prefer to keep the existing structure but lack
sufficient funds to complete the work;
AND WHEREAS at the Council meeting of August 15, 2014 the Heritage Permit
application was referred to the Ward Councillor to try to find a solution to salvage
the existing structure;
AND WHEREAS the HCA is prepared to use the $200,000 that has been
allocated for the demolition for an alternative solution;
AND WHEREAS there has been significant interest in the community to support
the restoration of the ruins;
AND WHEREAS it has been suggested the cost of the proper restoration of
the Hermitage is in the area of $600,000;
(a) That the City accept the Hamilton Conservation Authority’s suggestion that
their $200,000 to demolish the Hermitage Heritage Ruins to 1.5 meters
above grade be reallocated to restoring the existing structure;
(b) That the City allocate $200,000 from Council’s Strategic Capital Reserve
Account 108022 towards restoring the structure;
(c) That the balance of funds required to complete the project come from the
(d) That the $200,000 from the City be contingent on receiving Heritage
Permit approval for the restoration of the ruins, including the specifications
of the repair method and adequate funds are raised from the community,
beyond the City and HCA commitments to finish the project

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