Artist’s Notebook – SUMMA 2016 Show

25 April 2015 – Artist’s Notebook

Family and work commitments continue to keep me busy.  Time in the studio has dropped off the chart.  I am currently working on one commission that I am hoping to finish by the end of May.  Media projects at work are also providing some interesting and enjoyable challenges.

Chris Erskine, Urban Landscape Artist
Chris Erskine, Urban Landscape Artist

Unfortunately, I have let the ball drop on the postings of urban landscape photos.  I simply haven’t had the time to wander around the city and focus on the interesting architectural features.  I would like to explore Barton, Locke, or Ottawa streets for new material.  As I have mentioned before, most of the city never gets recorded on film.

Related to undocumented areas, I would like to do a time-lapse video of the alleyway in Hamilton.  There has been a few interesting articles in Raise the Hammer about Hamilton’s alleyways as alternative bike routes.

I did find time to view SUMMA 2016.  It is always interesting to see a new generation of artists, even if they still under the heavy influence of art instructors.

The media artwork was particularly strong this year.  I really connected with Alyssa Silverman’s work entitled: Brothers.


Artwork by Alssa Silverman, SUMMA 2016 Show
Artwork by Alssa Silverman, SUMMA 2016 Show

Another very strong work was the following piece; unfortunately I didn’t note the name of the artist or the title of the work.

The gallery doesn’t help the students much when it comes to social media. It would be nice if each student got at least one photo with their artwork that would be posted to the gallery’s social media accounts.  At the very least, someone from the gallery could take photos at the opening (with the artists and their works being introduced would be helpful).  Video interviews would be nice as well.  Plus links to artist webpages.

SUMMA 2016
SUMMA 2016


I also liked media works by Lydia Santia and TJ Poplar.

Overall, the graduating students showed very strong pieces. It is always a positive experience seeing new and interesting art.


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