Artist’s Notebook

@erskinec, urban landscape artist
@erskinec, urban landscape artist

I have just started a private commission. My deadline is May 30th, 2016. It is a small work, and I should be able to complete the project on time.


The downside to this project is that it takes me away from the “windows” project. This is my attempt to create a consisted body of work that is built around a single concept; that architecture creates a uniform blanket over people. In response, people either conform or rebel. People’s windows reveal how they respond to this challenge.


Another opportunity or dis-attraction is the upcoming “MIP” show in the fall. The “MIP” people have three shows per year. The second show has just started and will wrap up in mid-July. It is not clear when the fall show will start, but it is my best guess that the fall show will start accepting submissions in August. So, I will have the June-July period to create a work for submission.


This would be my first public showing since my return to painting. Ideally, I would have a body of would to show potential patrons, but clearly this will not be the case. I need to start somewhere, and I don’t want to waste the opportunity.


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