Odds & Ends – #HamOnt Urban Houses

Odds and Ends – artist notebook

Chris Erskine's weekly artist notebook
Chris Erskine’s weekly artist notebook

The past week has been one of reflection. How to approach my subject: the single detach home within an urban landscape.

My working thesis is: our home is our castle. This is particularly true if you are an urban settler or someone who lives next to challenging neighbours.

So we try and shut out the world with our electronic gadgets and home furnishings. Nevertheless, many still feel the need to make some sort of statement with our home architecture and landscaping.

This is the space that I am trying to explore with my new series.

Hamilton Urban Homes
Hamilton Urban Homes


As part of my research, I been looking at several landscape artists for inspiration. I am particularly impressed by the following:

Peter Harris, Toronto

Hans Habeger, Chicago

Marc Trujillo, Los Angeles

Each of these artists explore the overlooked spaces within our urban landscapes like parking lots of commercial properties, rear of strip malls, or the fronts of chain store operations. There is also a theme of night time landscapes and a feeling of isolation.

Peter Harris is part of a group show at the Mira Godard Gallery, 22 Hazelton Ave, until September 12th.

This week:

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Chris Erskine

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Urban Landscape Artist Chris Erskine
Urban Landscape Artist Chris Erskine

I am back!  The constant family commitments are over and now there is some free time to do art and film-making.



Michael Cuffe

If you are not using social media to build your collector base then you are nuts.  Last week, I posted a Youtube video entitled “Building Your Art Career” by Michael Cuffe.  Cuffe provides a really great overview on how to approach social media with the goals of building your brand and collector base.


I am waiting for the line, prop, and location
I am waiting for the line, prop, and location

The Hamilton 24 Hour Film Festival has been cancelled for 2015.  I had a great time last year and was looking forward to participating again.  As a result, I have decided to produce short film for the 2015 Hamilton Film Festival.  My goal is to produce a 2 minute fast pace film that people might enjoy as a break between larger short film projects.  This leads me to item 3.


Every Frame a Painting
Every Frame a Painting

A few weeks ago, I discovered a Youtube channel entitled “Every Frame is a Painting.”  The channel explores different aspects of film-making by looking at significant films.  One example was the film director, Akira Kira Kurosawa.  I was so inspired this introduction to his work that I have purchased four DVDs films:

The Hidden Fortress



Seven Samurai

I also went to the campus library and got two books on the great director:


The films of Akira Kurosawa by Donald Richie (1996)

The Warrior’s Camera, edited by Stephen Prince (1999)

I keep you posted on my impressions.  I hope to use his inspiration for the festival short film project.


Chris Erskine