EMD Lock out – Video Update: 14 Jan 2012

Operation Maple is doing some really good work with videos and updates.  You can see their videos on Youtube at Operationmaple.

Here is their latest video is entitled Caterpillar Lock Out Continues, Worker Wages Slashed In Half: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tUIcv2Xbug

I feel that these videos are very helpful to people from outside the London community. It gives them a chance to see what is going on and better appreciate the human costs associated that are being made by these remote executives in the United  States. The workers and the community are all numbers and formulas to them.  They live in this bubble like existence with their million dollars incomes and corporate jet lifestyles.  I wonder if things would be different if their son or daughter were working at the plant.  Harper is different, Ontario is suppose to be important to his political future and he has elected MPs in the area.  So, what is his justification for not caring?

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