#SavetheHermitage Update

A quick update on the latest developments for the Hermitage Ruins, located in Ancaster, Ontario. Please don’t forget to email 159 words of support to Hamilton City Council prior to Wed’s vote on saving the Hermitage. http://www.hamilton.ca/YourElectedOfficials/WardCouncillors/ Chris Erskine chriserskineartist@gmail.com @erskinec

#SavetheHermitage – Call to Action

Call to Action – Email 159 words of support to Hamilton City Council by 5 pm, Sept 24, 2014 to save the Hermitage Ruins that are located in Ancaster, Ontario. One word for every year that the Hermitage has existed. Council needs to know that the community will support their decision to save the Hermitage.Continue reading “#SavetheHermitage – Call to Action”

Hermitage Update – Sept 11, 2014

Chris Erskine chriserskineartist@gmail.com @erskinec

#SavetheGore – A good Mayor can make the difference!

#SavetheGore is possible with the support of the Mayor. On August 15, 2013 – the blog, Raise the Hammer, noted the inaction of Hamilton City Council to the heritage concerns surrounding the Gore Park buildings.  Several readers commented on the success that Oakville was having with their heritage properties. In response, I wrote the followingContinue reading “#SavetheGore – A good Mayor can make the difference!”

#SavetheGore – Heritage is a good investment for developers

#SavetheGore – Heritage is a good investment for developers It is a myth that heritage properties are not good investments.  Raise the Hammer just published an article that I wrote reviewing some of the recent research on the topic.  it appears that the developer will only save a few historical elements from the Gore Park BuildingsContinue reading “#SavetheGore – Heritage is a good investment for developers”

#SavetheGore Update

Gore Update Hamilton Councillors Farr and McHattie have gain a promise from the developer to save the historical elements of the store-fronts of the buildings he wants to demolish. While these councillors are trying hard to save these buildings, the compromise solution is not really a solution. Raise the Hammer editor, Ryan McGreal, wrote aContinue reading “#SavetheGore Update”

Heritage group asks the Ontario Government to stop demolition of Gore Park Buildings.

According to an article by Ryan McGreal in the online publication, Raise the Hammer, the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO) asked the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport to stop the planned demolition of the two 1870s buildings overlooking Gore Park at 24 and 28 King Street East and designate the buildings under the OntarioContinue reading “Heritage group asks the Ontario Government to stop demolition of Gore Park Buildings.”

Comment Posted to Raise the Hammer Blog

In response to the Raise the Hammer blog post by Ryan McGreal I wrote the following: When I was a kid, City Council had this great idea of cutting down the grand old trees in Gore Park and paving over the grass. They wanted to let in the sun and remove the mud. They hadContinue reading “Comment Posted to Raise the Hammer Blog”

Say No to Demolition and Email Council

On January 9, demolition permits will be issue by the City of Hamilton unless Council calls an emergency meeting to protect the four pre-confederation buildings that overlook Gore Park.  Please check the articles listed in the earlier post for more background information.  Here are the names and email addresses of Hamilton City Council. Hamilton CityContinue reading “Say No to Demolition and Email Council”

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This is the official web site of the Save Century Manor Task Force 2 (CMTF2). This task force was created not only to draw attention to the existence of Century Manor, an important Hamilton heritage building in danger of demolition by neglect, but also to provide information on Century Manor and to gain support within and outside our community for our ongoing fight to save and preserve this heritage building through restoration and adaptive reuse.

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