EMD Lockout – General Membership Presentation

On Monday (Jan 9th), I spent 10 minutes talking about the EMD-Caterpillar lockout at our general membership meeting. 

 It appeared that many members were unaware of the lockout.  The Local has already email all the members with an invitation to join the rally in London on Saturday. I invited members to contact the office if they would like a lift to and from the rally.  Hamilton and District labour Council has 3 plus buses going to the rally.

I have made the recommendation that we invite someone from CAW Local 27 to talk to the members at our March 22nd meeting.  Since it takes a 1 ½ hours to get here from London and the guest would only get about 10 minutes, my suggestion is that we do a Skype presentation.  We have lunch time general membership meetings to get more members to attend.  As a result, the executive only has about 45 minutes to cover the business of the local. We haven’t done this before but it might be nice to have one of the executives talk to our members from the picket line.

I am also putting on posters on campus but given that the main campus covers over 300 acres and 40 plus buildings, it is taking some time.  Unfortunately, I will not able to get to the off campus locations before Friday.

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