Heritage group asks the Ontario Government to stop demolition of Gore Park Buildings.

According to an article by Ryan McGreal in the online publication, Raise the Hammer, the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO) asked the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport to stop the planned demolition of the two 1870s buildings overlooking Gore Park at 24 and 28 King Street East and designate the buildings under the Ontario Heritage Act.  The ACO argues that the saving of these buildings and the landscape is no longer a local matter but is now a provincial responsibility.

EMD Lockout – Media Report – 30 Jan 2012

The Wall Street Journal – 30 January 2012 edition

Lockout Tests Union’s Clout – James R. Hagerty and Caroline Van Hasselt

“Locked-out workers at a rail locomotive factory owned by Caterpillar in London, Ontario, are digging in for what looks like a long struggle…”

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EMD Lockout – Video Update of Ingersoll Blocked Train

Three HeartFM News updates cover the workers barricade of the Electro Motive Engine in Ingersoll, Ontario. Canadian Auto Workers Local 88 members from the CAMI automotive plant suspect that Caterpillar is attempting to move the unpainted engine to a scab labour paint shop.

The new engine originated from the Electromotive Canada factory in London, Ontario. The CAW 88 members isolated the ElectroMotive engine onto a railway siding close to the main rail line. On New Years Day 2012 Caterpillar / ElectroMotive locked out all 465 workers at the EMC plant, members of CAW 27. The unionized workers of CAW 88 and their supporters will retain complete control of the engine until Caterpillar returns to the bargaining table with CAW 27. January 25, 26, 27, 2012

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EMD Lockout – Damn Right Bill

Damn right Bill! Good letter to the editor.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Every CAW member, every union member in Canada should send Mr. CEO Doug a valentine day card – “From London With Love.” Fill his office with cards saying that we care and won’t take it anymore! We need to take the fight to his workplace, make it more than a report on his desk.

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EMD Lockout – Media Report – 27 Jan 2012

The Record.com – 27 January 2012 edition

Letter to the Editor – Not Going to Take – Bill Gibson, area director of the CAW (Kitchener)

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EMD Lockout – Video Update – 27 Jan 2012

Sudbury News – 27 January 2012 edition

Pickets set up at Caterpillar – SudburyNorthernLife

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EMD Lockout – Video Update 25 Jan 2012

Occupy London Media – 25 January 2012 edition

CAW Takes Direct Action Against Caterpillar in Ingersoll – Occupy London Media and Mike Roy

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EMD Lockout – You are invited

I would like to urge you to attend a mass rally in London, Ontario, this Saturday at 11:00 am.

As I mentioned at Monday’s General Membership Meeting, 450 CAW members at the EMD-Caterpillar plant in London have been locked out of their plant because they refused to agree to 50% wage and benefit cuts.  Caterpillar is one of the most profitable corporations in the world, earning nearly 43 billion dollars in 2010.  In the same year, the CEO earned 22 million dollars while the top six executive officers earned 67 million.  The amount of annual savings that Caterpillar wants from the workers is 30 million dollars.  Many believe that if the workers do not accept Caterpillar’s terms then they will move the plant to Munice, Indiana, where a facility is now being built.

Rally is being organized by the Ontario Federation of Labour and they are asking members to bring old boots and hand-made signs.  The boots will be hanged on the security gate that surrounds the plant.

The rally will be at Victoria Park in London (Wellington Street and Dufferin Avenue) at 11:00 am.  Hamilton and District Labour Council are sending three buses to the rally.  If you are interested in catching a ride with them, call the CAW office.  I believe the buses will be leaving on Saturday at 8:00 am.  Contact the office for details.  The EMD plant is located at 2021 Oxford Street East, London.

For more information, you can visit their Facebook page:  http://on.fb.me/LondonJ21

You can also visit my blog where I links to Youtube videos that workers and occupy activists have created.

Fat Cats – Starving Dogs: https://chriserskine.wordpress.com

Peace and solidarity

EMD Lockout – General Membership Presentation

On Monday (Jan 9th), I spent 10 minutes talking about the EMD-Caterpillar lockout at our general membership meeting. 

 It appeared that many members were unaware of the lockout.  The Local has already email all the members with an invitation to join the rally in London on Saturday. I invited members to contact the office if they would like a lift to and from the rally.  Hamilton and District labour Council has 3 plus buses going to the rally.

I have made the recommendation that we invite someone from CAW Local 27 to talk to the members at our March 22nd meeting.  Since it takes a 1 ½ hours to get here from London and the guest would only get about 10 minutes, my suggestion is that we do a Skype presentation.  We have lunch time general membership meetings to get more members to attend.  As a result, the executive only has about 45 minutes to cover the business of the local. We haven’t done this before but it might be nice to have one of the executives talk to our members from the picket line.

I am also putting on posters on campus but given that the main campus covers over 300 acres and 40 plus buildings, it is taking some time.  Unfortunately, I will not able to get to the off campus locations before Friday.