EMD Lockout – Video Update of Ingersoll Blocked Train

Three HeartFM News updates cover the workers barricade of the Electro Motive Engine in Ingersoll, Ontario. Canadian Auto Workers Local 88 members from the CAMI automotive plant suspect that Caterpillar is attempting to move the unpainted engine to a scab labour paint shop.

The new engine originated from the Electromotive Canada factory in London, Ontario. The CAW 88 members isolated the ElectroMotive engine onto a railway siding close to the main rail line. On New Years Day 2012 Caterpillar / ElectroMotive locked out all 465 workers at the EMC plant, members of CAW 27. The unionized workers of CAW 88 and their supporters will retain complete control of the engine until Caterpillar returns to the bargaining table with CAW 27. January 25, 26, 27, 2012

Click here to youtube link:

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