EMD Lockout – Labour at the Crossroads

A recent article in In These Times by Mike Elk (Jan 30) suggests that the labour movement in Canada is at the crossroads. Elk argues that we might be following the same path as the US labour movement after the air traffic controllers strike in the early 1980s.

The article is hopeful because of how the Canadian labour movement came together to fight Caterpillar. Now, two months into the lockout and Caterpillar’s decision to shut the plant we are now face with the decision to continue fighting or trying to get the best severance package. If this is the fight over the future of the labour movement can we really afford to let Caterpillar win?

Is this another air traffic controller turning point or just another lockout?

To read the article click on the link:


Canada’s Labor Movement Digs in for PATCO Equivalent as Lockouts Drags On

By Mike Elk


Jan 30, 2012

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