Where are the Bees?

English woodcut, 1658
English woodcut, yr 1658

Art Review

This weekend our back door was swarmed by wasps looking to build a nest.  It got me wondering about how rare it is to actually see a bee.  I remember being a kid and always seeing bees in the fields and around the garden.  No more, all the bees have disappeared.

Stephanie Vegh’s recent mixed media works of art gives you more bees than you are likely to see in a life time.  Bees by the dozens are depicted on white paper. What these creatures are doing remains a mystery but they certainly evoke the sense that the warm days of summer have finally arrived.

In my books, a good work of art is one that you can remember days or weeks after seeing it.  Stephanie Vegh is one of those artists.

While Vegh’s show has recently wrapped up, I am sure that the good folks at the Hughson Gallery can dig up a work or two to show you. In my opinion, you shouldn’t miss any opportunity to see the bees.

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