The End is Near!

By Month’s end, Gore Park Buildings may be torn down.

Gore Park Buildings
Soon to be gone!

I just wrote the following comments at Raise the Hammer:

Well, I hope everyone enjoys the historic landscape while it lasts. Paul Wilson reported on CBC Hamilton yesterday (Jun 18th) that the developer is still planning to demolish most of the four buildings. According to the article, the work could begin as soon as the end of the month.

I find this situation truly amazing. Despite all the protests, despite the importance to Hamilton of this historic landscape, and despite what should be the best interests of the developer, these historic buildings are still going to come down (except for a few face fronts).

I guess I truly don’t understand business. I would have thought that having something historical and facing onto an important historical landscape of Gore Park would have been a valuable marketing tool for a condo development that will need to compete with dozen of other projects that are coming onto the market.

In a world where Vegas Casino’s create fake landmarks and where Mississauga is trying to create a downtown centre in the middle of condos, Hamilton is doing the opposite.

I hope Hamilton City Council, City Staff, and Local business leaders come to Gore Park for an ice cream cone and sit for a few minutes and reflect on the flatten landscape that will soon appear in the heart of our City.

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