Wanted #Heritage and Condos – Examples

Gore Park Buildings
Soon to be gone!


Wanted – examples of adaptive reuse of heritage downtown buildings with condo developments. 

Does anyone have examples from around the world that I could show how historical buildings in downtown Hamilton can be saved? 

Need 19th century examples of wholesale  goods merchant buildings.  I have lots of examples of warehouses and churches that have been adaptively reused.

At the moment, there is a local developer who plans to save two of 4 face fronts of 1840s.  Two other 1870s buildings are to be demolished. 

This is time sensitive request. 

I am hoping to write an article for a local blog (Raise the Hammer) making the economic case for saving these buildings.  Would like to publish the article by weeks end (of June 24th).  Developer may start work before the end of June 2013. 

Thanks in advance for all replies.

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