#savethegore – There is Great Opportunity Here!

Today, the Hamilton Spectator (September 25, 2013)  reported that the City was willing to offer financial incentives to developers to protect the heritage of their properties.  Unfortunately, the developer does not appear to be that interested.

Building With Great Potential
Building With Great Potential

Someone said that the development of this city block will be the biggest project since Jackson Square. There is a real opportunity for everyone involved to create something really great.

This city block is at the heart of Hamilton and connects several communities (Corktown, Durand, and Beasley) and business districts (Civic Block, James Street South, James Street North, Jackson Square etc). It is at the crossroads of three major streets (Main, King, and James).

To develop this area will need a lot of money, why not protect the investment for the long-term by ensuring the citizens and visitors come to your doorstep? There is the opportunity to change the site from a place you pass through to a place you play, shop and work. The potential is there, we just need to grab it.

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