Heritage Permit Committee Video – James Street Baptist Church

James Street Baptist Church, Hamilton (Ont).
James Street Baptist Church, Hamilton (Ont).

On Oct 9th, Hamilton’s Heritage Permit Sub-Committee toured the James Street Baptist Church with the Developer’s team of experts. Following this tour, the Committee discussed with the Developer’s team their request for a permit to demolish a portion of the James Street Baptist Church as part of their plan to adaptively re-use of the building.

Joey Coleman, a local independent reporter, live stream the meeting and archived the video on his website (joeycoleman.ca). I would like to express my appreciation for documenting the meeting and making it accessible to the public who could not attend the meeting in person.

Here is a link to his video. I have created a brief outline of the 2.16 hours meeting. The meeting starts at the 45 minute mark and continues to 3:06 hours.

Heritage Permit Committee Meeting of Oct 9th by Joey Coleman

From my perspective, the most interesting aspects of the meeting are Danielle Bowden’s exchange with some of the experts on the Developer’s Team. This occurs at two points: 1:26 to 1:34 and 2:07 to 2:13.

I also found the general discussion between the developer’s team and the Committee very interesting, particularly with regards to what information should be expected from them when putting forward a request for a partial demolition of a heritage designated building (2:13-3:06). As a result of this discussion, the Commission postponed the decision on the permit until Wed, October 23rd, 2013.

Brief Outline of the Meeting:

45.00 minute mark – meeting of the Municipal Heritage Permit Sub-Committee begins

53.00 minute mark – presentation by the developer’s team begins

58.00 minute mark – outline of the structural problems

1.04.00 hour mark – two additional structural concerns: soil and snow

1.12.00 hour mark- outlining how the building should be treated as three components: East Tower, Centre Aisle, and West Tower.

1.14.00 hour mark – outline of what elements the developer wishes to save

1.19.00 hour mark – questions from members of the heritage committee begins

Where does the snow build up?

Does the snow build up on the west side of the east tower?

If you take off the rear portion of the building will the snow still build up?

1.26.00 hour mark – Danielle Bowden asks whether it is possible to fix the structural issues identified by the Developer’s team of experts (1.26-1.34).

1.34.00 hour mark – more questions from different members of the committee

Where did ground soil information come from?

Was the construction normal for the period?

Did you look at St. Patrick’s Church which suffered similar problems and is being successful restored?

1:45.00 hour mark – question why there was not a heritage preservation report and then a discussion over what kind of information the committee should have from the developer.

2:07.00 hour mark – Danielle Bowden question’s the lost of so much of the Jackson Street side of the Church and whether this could be saved (2:07 to2:13).

2:51.00 hour mark – what does the committee what to do and what are their options

3:06.00 hour mark – meeting concludes

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