Monday’s Update

Monday’s Update for Feb 3, 2014

Good morning everyone.

Well, the sound quality of my laptop videos still not great.  Tried using my Zoom H4n field recorder as my mic but while the sound has improved it could still be better.

Also, sorry about the date on the video; it was made last night but posted for today’s update.

So, my update:


1.) Finished the Blue House painting sketch

I am still finding the time to complete projects a challenge.  Tried switching to mornings but everyone started getting up that much earlier. I will find a way to make it work eventually.


2.) The making of the Blue House film

For the Blue House project, I tried my first behind the scenes film.  A very challenging DIY project! You have to: paint, plan, and film – all at the same time.  Hopefully you will find it enjoyable.


3.) Twitter Day Project

As I mentioned last week, I volunteered myself to do a photo twitter day of student life at school.  This project was partly inspired by the great web film work of the Film Artist on Vimeo (  I urge everyone to check out his films, they are fantastic!  My goal for this project was to create a story filled with individually photos from my Blackberry phone camera.  So, as you followed the twitter postings, you could understand the journey that students go through every day when they study.  I am putting together a slide show film that I hope to post in the coming week.  Everyone was great and much appreciated the support.


4.) Joey Coleman

I posted a video a few days back about my support for Joey Coleman, he is a Hamilton based journalist who covers City Hall.  He works independently, and he supports his work through crowd-source fund-raising. I have asked to do a film of his work, and he has agreed.  So, I am very excited about this project and look forward to starting it in the near future.

Wish everyone the best.



  1. Hey Chris, sound quality better this week (plus using my earbuds). Have started working on my own art journal — strictly analog/manual, no blog/electronic format — thanks to you, Graham Todd, and “Le Road trip” by Vivian Swift. Looking forward to your next post. Ed.

  2. Thanks Ed. I am going to purchase a lavalier mic and see if that helps. Maybe I shouldn’t be so uncomfortable about speaking into a computer in the middle of Tim’s. People do it with their phones all the time (smile).

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