Hamilton Artist Update 17: Local Bloggers


Finding local content can be challenging.  Local bloggers or vloggers that I find impressive in terms of local content are the following:

1.) Raise the Hammer (blog/website)

In terms of original content, variety, and currency, Raise the Hammer now rivals traditional media outlets.  If you are interested in Hamilton issues, then you cannot be fully informed if you are not reading this blog/website.



2.) Joey Coleman’s Youtube channel

Joey’s provides live and archived video coverage of Hamilton city hall.  Without his coverage of council and the various committee meetings, it would be impossible to know what is happening.  Before Joey’s you were lucky to get one article summarizing a meeting or decision at City Hall.  Now, you can follow the whole debate and understanding why a decision was or was not reached.  Joey’s depth of coverage is unequal and his crowd-source funding is revolutionary in terms of local news coverage.  P.S., Joey is currently fund raising and could really use your support.


3.) My 905 Hamilton (Youtube)

This youtuber is extremely quick and dirty, but he or she?? provides regular video updates on almost anything happening in Hamilton.  If you want to see the visuals of what is going on in Hamilton then you must view this Youtube channel.  Don’t expect polish, but this channel may be the closest thing to CNN for Hamilton that we have.


4.) Lou Cipher (Youtube)

James Street North deserve more local coverage by CBC Hamilton and the Hamilton Spectator.  However, even local artists and gallery owners have been lacking in social media outlet.  Lou Cipher fills this void with his monthly reviews of Hamilton’s art crawls.  It appears that Lou has been around for some time, but I only discovered him last week. The quality of his output is impressive and a must see for anyone interested in the James Street North art scene.


Chris Erskine



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