#HamOnt Painters @theAGH tonight

Painting Hamilton Artists’ Panel
Date: Thursday, November 13 Time: 7:00 p.m.

Speakers: Featured artists in the Painting Hamilton exhibition: Jennifer Carvalho, Catherine Gibbon, David Hucal, Daniel Hutchinson, Charles Meanwell, Matthew Schofield, Christina Sealey, Beth Stuart, Lorne Toews and Manny Trinh

Hamilton has a very rich artists’ scene, and a great number of brilliant painters. Painting Hamilton features 10 artists from the Greater Hamilton area, showcasing the diverse subject matter, techniques and materials that are of the moment in contemporary painting practices. Direct from the artists’ studios and private collections, the exhibition includes over 30 works in landscape, portraiture and abstraction. Join the artists in a lively moderated discussion about their practices and the paintings in the exhibition.

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