Art Post No.3 – Painting Hamilton Artist Talk @AGH

Art Post #3: Nov 26, 2014.


This week: Reflections on Artist Talk at the Art Gallery of Hamilton that occurred on Thursday, November 13th, 2014.

Painting Hamilton Artist Talk
Painting Hamilton Artist Talk

Painting Hamilton is a show of 10 local Hamilton artists.  In deciding how to structure the show, the curator noted that the local community is dominated by painters.  To arrive at the 10 artists featured in the show, the curator review over 80 local artists.

It was great to hear from the artists, but it is always a challenge to talk about ones art.  On the one hand, you want to invite people into the creative process. On the other hand, this invitation can quickly reduce paintings to a jigsaw puzzle.

One question from the audience dealt with the issue of whether or not art was shaped by Hamilton geography and culture.  The question was framed in a difficult manner, but the question was still valid.  I think the answer is yes, but it would have been interesting if the artist felt the same way.

All the artists are amazing, but the artists that spoke most strongly to me were Christina Sealey and Charles Meanwell.

The show continues to February and I would encourage everyone to view it.


Chris Erskine




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