5 Reasons to Commission a Portrait Painting

Portrait by Christina Sealey
Portrait by Christina Sealey

On Thursday, I picked up a portrait painting of my daughter by artist, Christina Sealey.  It was an amazing experience to go to Sealey’s studio and to see the finished work.

I was surprised by the size and quality of the piece.  In general, I like large works for the way they project a presence into a room, this is particularly true for this piece.  Christina also really captured the personality of daughter, her intense and quiet nature.

It was great to see the finished work in Christina’s studio.  I feel a work of art can change it’s character when it leaves the studio and enters a home or workplace.  To see the work in its birth place is a rare privilege.

At home, everyone was very excited to see the painting. As this portrait settles into our lives, we look forward to commissioning another portrait of my younger daughter.

Here are 5 reasons why you should commission a portrait painting:

  1. it is unique
  2. a photograph will become dated, while a painting is timeless
  3. a good artist can capture something deeper, more reflective
  4. as a work of art, a portrait can add richness and beauty to a space
  5. for the price of a good sofa, you can have something that can last generations


Chris Erskine



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