My #HamOnt – Brad Pitt, Tom Wilson, and Christopher Healey

Brad Pitt buys Neo Rauch
Brad Pitt buys Neo Rauch (Source:

Patron of the Arts – Actor Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt seems to be on an art buying spree.  Last week, the Arts section of the New York Times published an article on Cuba and how things are opening up for local artists.

Brad Pitt buys Cuba Art
Brad Pitt buys Cuba Art (Source: New York Times)

For Cuba’s top artists, the international community has been able and willing to visited local artists and pick up key pieces at good prices.  The article cited the example of Will Smith.

Now, I see Brad Pitt is also buying German Artist, Neo Rauch, works.  Way to go Brad! I like most of his films, even Z Nation and Fury, so it is nice to see my movie ticket money being re-cycled into the visual arts.

Going it alone – Musician Tom Wilson

The Globe and Mail had this really great article on going it alone as an artist.  They looked at two musicians: Hamilton musician, Tom Wilson; and Fred Eaglesmith.

The article supports my view that whether you are a mid-career musician or a visual artist, you need to market and promote yourself.

Here are two great quotes from the article:

Tom Wilson states that “when you get to a certain age, you just become unacceptable.  And at that point, you have the opportunity to do whatever you wish to do, which really is why you became an artist in the first place.  You have the authority issues when you were younger, and now you’re a loner again trying to figure out how to communicate with the world.”

Fred Eaglesmith states that “I’ve never been cool, and I don’t guard my brand as something precious. So, as an artist, the gloves are off.”

The Interviews – Artist Christopher Healey

Christopher Healey is doing a series of interviews with artists who use social media as an art form.

Christopher Healey's Interview
Christopher Healey’s Interview (Source: Artist’s website)

I particularly like Healey’s interview with New York City artist, Eric Oglander.

Oglander talks about his “mirrors” series and how this project was discovered by a New York Art critic.  Oglander reflects on sudden fame and who uses Tumblr.

I am looking forward to additional instalments by one of my favourite urban artists. You can see Christopher Healey’s interviews at

Chris Erskine


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