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Carnegie Gallery, Dundas (Ont).
Carnegie Gallery, Dundas (Ont).

Art Opening Reception at the Carnegie Gallery

Feb 6th – Christina Sealey revealed her new works at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas, Ontario.

Christina Sealey is one of my favourite local artists. I have followed Sealey’s artistic developments since her 2002 solo show at Hamilton Artist Inc., when it was located on great factory warehouse site on Vine Street.

I am such a fan, that I commissioned Sealey to do a wonderful portrait of my oldest daughter.

While art reviews are not my thing, I can say what speaks to me as individual and a self-trained artist.

What I love about Sealey’s work is not her master level, painting-drawing, skills, but her exploration of the individual in a deeply urban landscape.  How can you be alone on an old couch when surrounded by the sounds of city life?  Sealey’s people are always separated from the crowd, but still painfully connected.

Human created spaces are everywhere in Sealey’s works, even in the middle of a wooden lot that is actually surrounded by street lights.  The city is never far away in a Sealey’s paintings or drawings.

I would say that these “night” paintings are some of the strongest works I have seen since her 2002 show at the Inc.

In the past, I say that Sealey’s best works were her paintings on canvas, but now she is showing amazing energy with the works on paper.  There is something great happening and I believe a new frontier of exploration is opening up.

The Carnegie Show continues until March.

If you do drop by the Gallery, makes sure to check out the fantastic clay work of Christopher Reid.  I have never seen someone make clay look like beautiful and rich fabric.  It is truly remarkable!

I was also impressed by the acrylic paintings of Iris McDermott in the lower space of the Gallery.  McDermott’s use of color is amazing.

Chris Erskine



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