Art Post No.15

Art Post No.15

Art Post No.15
Art Post No.15

Art Post is a weekly review of the art related activities of Chris Erskine.

I continue to work on the “Bold Street Art Painting Project”.  As I have mentioned before, this project represents my return to painting after about 10 years as a print maker.

In the past, I explored how time impacts an individual or a particular landscape through portrait paintings. Now, I have shifted my focus to urban architectural landscapes.

With my return to painting, I have also decided to switch from acrylics to oils.  Oils have a richness that seems difficult to produce with acrylics.

If you look at the right hand column of photos, you will note my work to date.

After sketching out the various buildings that make up Bold Street project, I decided to jump right into painting composition.  This proved to be a mistake.

So, I took a step back, and decided to do a series of small studies.  This will allow me to work out the details of each building and get more comfortable with using oil paints.

At the moment, I am working on the under-painting in acrylics.  This layer will work out the grey tones in the composition.  Once this is completed, I will add colour using the oil paints.

This is a very traditional-academic approach to painting, I hope it works out.

Chris Erskine



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