Odds & Ends – film-making

Odd and Ends for March 2, 2015

Artist Chris Erskine
Artist Chris Erskine

A weekly review of things not strictly related to current art and film projects.  This week; using the Zoom H1 field recorder as a cheap alternative to a wireless lav mic system.


I have several film project either underway or in the planning stage.  Each project requires the use of a wireless lav microphone in order to capture good sound from the talent.


Using a gun and run approach to film making means to dedicated sound person to operate a boom pole.  Good wireless lav mics can cost anywhere from $800 to $2000 depending on the system and the number of lav mics it can handle.


Equipment used:


Zoom H1 Field Recorder $109

Smart Lav mic $69

Rode SC3 Adapter $41


Sound recorded in this video is from the above equipment.


Chris Erskine



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