Odds and Ends: 22 June 2015


Earl Court Gallery, Ottawa St., Hamilton, Ontario
Earl Court Gallery, Ottawa St., Hamilton, Ontario

Odds & Ends – 22 June 2015

There was an opening reception at Earls Court Gallery on Thursday (June 18th) for artists Katherine MacDonald and John Miecznikowsk.  I know both artists as instructors at the Dundas Valley School of Art.  While I consider myself as a self-taught artist, I did take about a dozen or so courses at DVSA in the late 1990s.

This was my first visit to the Ottawa Street location.  I would often visit the gallery when it was located in the core.  They still seems to be a very serious gallery with strong connections to Hamilton art collecting community.

I was also impressed by diversity of businesses on the street.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the future of the arts community is on Ottawa Street.

Odds and Ends – a weekly review of bits and pieces of activity and information that sums up an artist life.


Chris Erskine

Urban Landscape Artist



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