Studio Cam 2 – Chris Erskine urban landscape artist

Studio Cam 2 - a peak into artist chris erskine's studio
Studio Cam 2 – a peak into artist chris erskine’s studio

Studio Cam is a periodic peak into the studio of urban landscape artist, chris erskine.

Chris Erskine

urban landscape artist


Art Post No.31 – searching for a way forward

Chris Erskine, Urban Landscape Artist
Chris Erskine, Urban Landscape Artist

A weekly update on my work as an urban landscape artist. Posts are uploaded here and on my youtube channel every Wednesday morning.


Chris Erskine
urban landscape artist

Odds & Ends – #HamOnt Urban Houses

Odds and Ends – artist notebook

Chris Erskine's weekly artist notebook
Chris Erskine’s weekly artist notebook

The past week has been one of reflection. How to approach my subject: the single detach home within an urban landscape.

My working thesis is: our home is our castle. This is particularly true if you are an urban settler or someone who lives next to challenging neighbours.

So we try and shut out the world with our electronic gadgets and home furnishings. Nevertheless, many still feel the need to make some sort of statement with our home architecture and landscaping.

This is the space that I am trying to explore with my new series.

Hamilton Urban Homes
Hamilton Urban Homes


As part of my research, I been looking at several landscape artists for inspiration. I am particularly impressed by the following:

Peter Harris, Toronto

Hans Habeger, Chicago

Marc Trujillo, Los Angeles

Each of these artists explore the overlooked spaces within our urban landscapes like parking lots of commercial properties, rear of strip malls, or the fronts of chain store operations. There is also a theme of night time landscapes and a feeling of isolation.

Peter Harris is part of a group show at the Mira Godard Gallery, 22 Hazelton Ave, until September 12th.

This week:

Monday – Odds and Ends

Wednesday – Art Post No.31

Friday – Studio Cam 2

Chris Erskine

Urban landscape artist

Odds & Ends – Adobe CC and GoPro

Odds and Ends – an artist notebook

Artist's Notebook by Urban Landscape Painter, Chris Erskine @erskinec
Artist’s Notebook by Urban Landscape Painter, Chris Erskine @erskinec

July 20th, learning how to use new software and equipment is taking up most of my time. I have upgraded from Adobe essentials to Adobe CC.

I have also switched from the audacity to audition. On the surface the different pieces of software look similar, but in reality they are not, so there is a steep learning curve.

I have also purchased the GoPro Hero 4 – Silver as a camera for filming quickly and with a lower profile than my Canon 3Ti. I am still trying to determine its limits compared to the Canon. I wanted something to use in crowds or where the weather is less than ideal.

I also hope to use the GoPro as a second camera in film interview setups.

I heard somewhere (Film Riots I believe) that each type of Camera (Canon, Sony, Nikon, and GroPro) have their own ecosystem that requires its own batteries, lens, cases, etc. GoPro is very much little this, with unique batteries, cases etc. All of which costs time and money.

At present, I learning the different features of the GoPro and what kind of sound I can get out of the system. As a result, you will be seeing a lot of this experimentation reflected in my film projects like Art Post, Studio Cam, and Art Crawl.

Speaking of art crawl, my apologies for the delay in showing the street footage. The file size of the GoPro footage required significant compression and this required to learning do this in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

This week:

Wed, July 22nd – Art Post No. 30, more on learning to use GoPro

Fri, July 24th – Art Crawl July 10th – Part 2.

Thanks for dropping by.

Chris Erskine
Urban Landscape Artist