Odds & Ends – artist notes

Odds and Ends for Monday 06 July 2015

Chris Erskine, urban landscape artist
Chris Erskine, urban landscape artist

Odds & Ends – 06 July 2015

Urban homes is the subject of my first painting series for 2015.  Our homes are our castles, particularly when the neighbourhood is not so perfect.  How the landscape affects our little islands of safety and peace is the focus.

I have asked Artist Christina Sealey to a portrait of my youngest daughter.  She dropped by over the weekend and took some photos.

Urban Landscape Artist, Peter Harris, is an amazing artist.  He captures that still of the night in locations that are closed for the day.  I like how he constructs his landscapes and his principle subject – house, factory, store etc.

He is part of a group show at the Mira Godard Gallery in Toronto that is currently running from June 27th to September 27th.


Odds and Ends is a weekly review of the bits and pieces that make up an artist life.



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