Odds and Ends – 4 art projects

odds and ends – artist’s notebook

Artist's Notebook for Aug 10th 2015
Artist’s Notebook for Aug 10th 2015

Aug 10, 2015 – I continue to work on four unfinished painting to develop my skills at doing under paintings and using oils for colour.

The four unfinished paintings are the following:

1. The Bold Street Project
2. The McClure House
3. The Central School Project
4. The Elgin Street House

The McClure and Central School projects were started as on location, sketch-paintings. The Bold and Eglin Street projects are based on photo references.

With all four projects, I will be using reference photos to complete the works. The challenge at the moment is to determine how to use these photographic references. How I resolve this challenge will shape my approach to the larger project of creating 24 works focusing on the theme of my “My Home is My Castle.”

Chris Erskine
urban landscape artist

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