Odds and Ends – First week on Soundscape Hamilton Project

Working on Soundscape Hamilton Project @erskinec
Working on Soundscape Hamilton Project @erskinec


Odds and Ends – 07 Sept 2015

Just finished my first week of field recordings.

This was frosh week, so the sounds are of 1,500 first year students joining the madness of their next stage of life. It is an experience you never forget, and one that is very hard to appreciate without having gone through it.

You can see it in the faces of the parents. There are knowing smiles from parents who remember their school days, panic and fear in others.

In my day, things will very much ad hoc compared to the huge amount of institutional support that student organizers get today.

So, this round of field recordings are dominated by frosh activities. As a baseline for my project, I should have started back in June, when the campus was relatively calm. Oh well. That’s part of the learning process.

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