New Homes and Raising Rents – Hamilton’s Cork-Town

New Homes and Raising Rents - Hamilton's Cork-town
New Homes and Raising Rents – Hamilton’s Cork-town

54 Liberty Street

Around 1885, the four old wood frame homes at the south end of Liberty Street were torn down. The whole west side of Liberty Street got new brick housing. On the previously undeveloped land to the north, 2 story, semi-detached, brick homes were built. At the south end, by the former Hamilton to Port Dover Railway line, smaller brick cottages were erected. Unfortunately, for shoe-maker and his family, the rent was too much and they moved across the street 59 Liberty Street. This older, wood frame, house was something they could still afford. Peter’s wife would continue to live at this simply house even after his death in the 1890s. She would be surrounded by other widowers who had lived on the south end since the 1870s. Mrs. William Anderson at 47 Liberty and Mrs. Mellon at 51 Liberty.

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