Artist’s Notebook – Need for Promoting Local Artists

Central School Project, Hamilton (Ont). Photo by Chris Erskine, Urban Landscape Artist
Central School Project, Hamilton (Ont). Photo by Chris Erskine, Urban Landscape Artist

Media attention is essential for any artist and Chris Farias is certainly providing this for local Hamilton Artists.  Chris Farias is a partner and owner of Kitestring, a creative marketing and design firm based in Hamilton.

On Friday, CBC Arts posted a short film by Chris, giving a tour of two local Hamilton Artists: Steve Mazza, prop maker; and Stephanie Seagram, mixed Media Artist.

My impression is that this film is part of a larger project that will highlight Hamilton artists.

Despite the acclaim for Hamilton’s arts community, I still feel there is not enough attention given to the artists. So, efforts like Chris Farias’s short film are critical for artists and collectors.

For example, I make a real effort to follow the Hamilton art scene, but I still managed to overlook the Steve Mazza.

In Farias’s film, he notes several strange objects on a table that were part of an art project several years back.  Reviewing Mazza’s website, these weird objects turn out to be smoke from fantastic small models of brick-like factories.

These works are just one of several wonderful examples of his creativity. Without someone like Chris Farias promoting Steve Mazza, I may have continued to miss his work.

So, well done to Chris Farias and I hope he continues this promotional efforts.




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