Art Walk 2022 Success

Artist, Chris Erskine at Art Walk 2022

28th August 2022 – Art Walk 2022 had perfect weather for outdoor art viewing: 25 degrees and clear skies, and lots of people from the lakeshore community came out to see the 14 artists and their work. In a purely show and tell event, as required by the City’s permit – all the artists could focus their efforts on educating visitors on their art practice.

The Burloak Waterfront Park is a relatively new park for Burlington, with several playground stations only recently being installed. As a result, Art Walk 2022 was only the second event to ever occur in the Park, with Veg Fest being the first and occurring the week before.

As part of my Elizabeth Gardens Art Project, I revealed for the first time a new body of work using a colour paper collage approach to image making. Using memories and stories from the community as a sort of filter for deciding what images to create. Using scissors and paper, I create blocks of colour to fill out the landscape or structure and focus on the most essential elements.

Reactions from visitors were highly favourable, and people loved the Elizabeth Gardens focus. Most of the 60-80 viewers recognized the local sites and were surprised that the paper collage works were not paintings.

As an artist, talking to people and getting their reactions to the work was great.


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