Artwalk 2022 Photos

Art Walk 2022 at Burloak Waterfront Park on Sat, August 27th, 2022

Sept 4th, 2022 – Artwalk 2022 was a great success.

The general feeling of the Elizabeth Garden’s Art Collective was that we surpassed all our original goals. Not only did we get large numbers of visitors, but they were really engaged with the 14 or so artists that participated in the event. This was only the second event to be held in the recently developed “Burloak Waterfront Park,” so everyone was curious about how things would work out.

One of the conditions by the City was that artists could not sell any works on site. This turned out to be a huge benefit to the artists by allowing them to focus on building relationships and explaining their unique approaches to their various practices. I talked with nearly 60 people over the course of the six-hour event.

I used the event to unveil a new body of work that uses the landscape and architecture of the community as its subject matter. As a result, visitors were often able to identify particular buildings and where they were located.


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