Say No to Demolition and Email Council

On January 9, demolition permits will be issue by the City of Hamilton unless Council calls an emergency meeting to protect the four pre-confederation buildings that overlook Gore Park.  Please check the articles listed in the earlier post for more background information.  Here are the names and email addresses of Hamilton City Council.

Hamilton City Council

Bob Bratina, Mayor

Brian McHattie, Ward 1 Councillor

Jason Farr, Ward 2 Councillor

Bernie Morelli, Ward 3 Councillor

Sam Merulla, Ward 4 Councillor

Chad Collins, Ward 5 Councillor

Tom Jackson, Ward 6 Councillor

Scott Duvall, Ward 7 Councillor

Terry Whitehead, Ward 8 Councillor

Brad Clark, Ward 9 Councillor

Maria Pearson, Ward 10 Councillor

Brenda Johnson, Ward 11 Councillor

Lloyd Ferguson, Ward 12 Councillor

Russ Powers, Ward 13 Councillor

Robert Pasuta, Ward 14 Councillor

Judi Partridge, Ward 15 Councillor

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