Studio Work

Hamilton Sketches – Central Public School

I try to get into the studio every day; usually in the morning before everyone gets up.

Working on Central Public School in the Studio
Working on Central Public School in the Studio

Being on summer vacation, I divide my time between outdoor and indoor work.

My preference is to sketch buildings with full exposure to the sun.  So, depending on the orientation of the particularly building, I will either work outdoors in the morning or the afternoon.

The balance of the day will then be spent in the studio.

On Monday, I started to work on an ink and gouache sketch on canvass of the Central Public School building.

Again, the goal of these sketches is to quickly capture the portrait of these buildings.  To encourage a more informal approach, I use inks and gouache washes rather than acrylics or oils.  At least in my mind, this creates less pressure to make a polished piece.

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